Thomas Pecora: From NJ and beyond

Thomas Pecora is the president of H&H Transportation Inc., a trucking firm headquartered in Fords, NJ offering interstate trucking, heavy hauling trucking, JB hunt trucking, and Lighter than Truckload Loading trucking, among others.

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Trucking is a business that facilitates trade, quite literally. Large quantities of commodities are transported across borders. Such long haul trips deliver goods from coast to coast, reminiscent of its history that began with horse-drawn trams and trains.

When automobiles became primary modes of transportation, trucks immediately gained popularity as delivery vehicles. During the world wars, trucks were used to ship provisions and weaponry to fighting forces. Such was trucking’s significance that, in the 1960s and 1970s, truck driving became the main subject of movies and music, and these became wildly popular.

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Thomas Pecora’s NJ-based trucking firm might be familiar with the paradigm of crossing borders, without stopping except for periodic rests and equipment inspection. Trucking’s history derives itself from the capability to deliver significant portions, and in a timely manner. It was the most popular form of freight services up until the last decades of the 20th century. Up until today, many businesses use trucks to ferry their products across the country.

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Today, trucking is suffering a dearth of new drivers. The long hours on the road, extended periods away from home, and the risk of running into violent crime en route seems to have discouraged many potential hires.

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