A call to action: Road safety starts with healthier drivers

Image Credit: foleyservicesblog.com


Most, if not all, drivers have probably been told that keeping their attention to the road is the key to accident prevention.  Many accidents can be avoided if people drive less aggressively and stay away from distractions such as using their cellphones while driving.  However, going beyond these, it is considered prudent for drivers to ensure that they’re in good health before they even take to the road.


Conditions like sickness, inebriation, and fatigue are also common causes of major accidents on the road.  It isn’t uncommon to find drivers who have crashed because they’ve fallen asleep on the wheel.  At times, even more serious conditions like diabetic shocks and heart attacks have also been the cause of fatal crashes.


Image Credit: autobiz.ie


Given this, it is important to note that the pre-existing condition of the driver is also important in preventing car accidents.  Drivers are thus advised to ensure that they’re fully capable of completing their journey and to avoid venturing out in times when they deem themselves too tired or too sick to drive.


Furthermore, for the purpose of road safety, it is equally important for drivers, especially professional drivers, to keep their bodies healthy in spite of the long hours they spend on the road. Undoubtedly, the long hours of driving will take its toll on their bodies and taking measures to prevent the decline of one’s physical condition will also contribute to reducing the chances of being involved in traffic accidents.


Image Credit: 2ndwindexercise.com


Thomas Pecora is the president of H&H Transportation, Inc., a private trucking company based in Fords, NJ. For more information on him and the transportation industry, follow this Twitter page.

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