The future of vehicle telematics

Vehicle telematics is a type of technology that integrates the capabilities of computer systems and remote communications technologies like GPS to gather information from remote automobiles. This in-vehicle technology is commonly used as a tracking system, not just for locating where a vehicle is, but also for monitoring speed, driving habits, and environmental situations.

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But a recent report foretells that telematics could soon become accessorial to an applicant’s resume. The report quips that vehicle telematics has never been more accessible and can even work with the latest smartphones, so the prediction could turn into reality sooner or later.


In the report, Scott Cober of Marsh Canada prefigures that it would only take three to five years before smartphones could provide accurate and quality driving performance data in the previous six months which could then be transferred into a USB drive and be presented in an easy-to-read scorecard format. Drivers would just plug their iPhone into a portal and then allow it to stream information based on how they operate the vehicle.

The trucking industry is likely to embrace the telematics not only for its tracking and security purposes, but also for its benefits to the recruitment process. The new technology makes the hiring process faster and more efficient, while allowing applicants to gauge whether they are suited for their choice of career.

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Members of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association and transportation professionals like Thomas Pecora of NJ-based H&H Transportation, Inc. are optimistic about this development and how it could signal a spike in the number of individuals making a career in the trucking industry.

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The emotional battle of a truck driver’s wife

Two’s a company, three’s a crowd.

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This would best define what it’s like to be married to a long-haul truck driver. More often than not, the profession acts as an extra wheel, getting in the way of family life. For instance, truck drivers would call in to cancel tonight’s family dinner, send a text message explaining they cannot come to the PTA meeting, or tell their wife they couldn’t come back home for a few days or so. All these and more are inevitable occurrences which truck drivers and their families have to endure in exchange for food on the table.

Surely, the profession pays the bills. But is it worth it? For some wives, coping with the work schedule of their husband is as easy as 1, 2, 3 while for some, it’s a strenuous effort.

Being a wife of a long distance trucker can be difficult. The wife has to run the household and fend for the kids all by herself. It’s more like she’s stuck in a long-distance relationship. Moreover, the couple runs the risk of psychological distance. While some couples appreciate the distance as a means of understanding themselves more, others are more inclined to equate distance as alienation. With alienation comes the tendency for the couple to fear that their partner might be unfaithful.

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However, being married to a truck driver can also be fruitful. There are many truck drivers who have been successful in juggling their job and their role as husband and father. It’s important to maintain a positive outlook in life and do what needs to be done in order to get by with things that couldn’t be changed. Like in all relationships, the keys to keeping a marriage strong are having trust and effective communication.

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Lessening the hassles of relocating to a new home

Relocating from one home to another can be a stressful experience for many people. Not only does it force them to adjust to several changes as they relocate, they also have to worry about how to safely get their belongings to the new house.

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Fortunately, both causes for worry can be handled with ease. The changes in scenery and neighbors can be taken in stride and one can get used to the new home and neighborhood in due time.

Meanwhile, the process of moving itself does not need to be handled alone and it can be easier when done with a moving company. If entrusting one’s belongings to strangers is difficult, however, then the next logical step to take would be to find a company that has a good reputation.

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To find trustworthy companies, one can look up local moving companies on the BBB and find ones with good standing and good reviews. They can also take time to ask their relatives, friends, and neighbors (there should be some who have also moved in from another place) for recommendations or they may ask the moving companies they’re looking into for references. In doing so, they can at least find companies which offer services that have been judged as satisfactory by others and they can feel at ease knowing that they can expect good service from the movers.

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In addition, they can also ensure that their belongings, especially the fragile items, are properly taken care of by labeling the boxes and by using things they own, like pillows or blankets, to wrap around the breakables as they pack for an added safety measure.

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Thomas Pecora: From NJ and beyond

Thomas Pecora is the president of H&H Transportation Inc., a trucking firm headquartered in Fords, NJ offering interstate trucking, heavy hauling trucking, JB hunt trucking, and Lighter than Truckload Loading trucking, among others.

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Trucking is a business that facilitates trade, quite literally. Large quantities of commodities are transported across borders. Such long haul trips deliver goods from coast to coast, reminiscent of its history that began with horse-drawn trams and trains.

When automobiles became primary modes of transportation, trucks immediately gained popularity as delivery vehicles. During the world wars, trucks were used to ship provisions and weaponry to fighting forces. Such was trucking’s significance that, in the 1960s and 1970s, truck driving became the main subject of movies and music, and these became wildly popular.

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Thomas Pecora’s NJ-based trucking firm might be familiar with the paradigm of crossing borders, without stopping except for periodic rests and equipment inspection. Trucking’s history derives itself from the capability to deliver significant portions, and in a timely manner. It was the most popular form of freight services up until the last decades of the 20th century. Up until today, many businesses use trucks to ferry their products across the country.

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Today, trucking is suffering a dearth of new drivers. The long hours on the road, extended periods away from home, and the risk of running into violent crime en route seems to have discouraged many potential hires.

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